"An accessible licensing service that tailors original music content to your original content's needs."

Music is vital when it comes to branding and storytelling because you need to turn heads for audience retention and growth…otherwise knows as building your fan base! We offer music and sound design for commercials, campaigns, tv shows, underscore, podcasts, films, toys, and more. 

With over eight years of working in advertising, film production, and music production, I've spent a good chunk of time being on both sides of the storytelling equation. As a Berklee Graduate, I am a trained songwriter, producer, and vocalist with a love for film, clever marketing, and sonic branding.

With an endless range of musical genres and styles, my team of highly trained producers and composers create the perfect musical track(s) to elevate your product and mark your brand.

Let’s work together! Whether you have a creative brief and track references for the music you are looking for, or if you need us to handle the musical vision, we can make this process easy and fun…Anything is possible!

For inquiries, please shoot me an e-mail: chloemusic@gmail.com